Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meet Wellington

This is Wellington.
He's not ours yet. But we're hoping he'll soon be ours. In the meantime I've taken to day-dreaming about him. So I figured I'd start a new blog dedicated just to Wellington. If we don't get him (don't say that!) I will just have to find a new house to obsess over and start a new blog.

But I don't think that way. So just sit here on this new Blog, Wellington, and we'll contemplate our future together.

We met Wellington in February. We had seen his little face for weeks and weeks staring back at us unpretentiously while we hunted fruitlessly for a new house. But he was patient, and eventually we took a fourth look at him, made an appointment and went to visit. Some of us scoffed in his face upon first seeing it in person. But others of us decided to give him a shot. When we stepped inside we were so surprised to see him in all his splendor. One of us felt instantly at home for many reasons, not the least of which was his little nooks and crannies. Others were a little more reserved. But those others are always a little more reserved and before we knew it, we were in escrow! Sort of. But Wellington's is that special breed of listing that requires approval from all sorts of beurocrats before you can OFFICIALLY get into escrow.

So we sit and wait and pretend to continue the hunt for the perfect house. But we know we've found the perfect house already. Wellington. It's frustrating to have to wait to be told that he's going to be ours, but we're trying to be patient, as we said.

Wellington is beautiful on the inside, but I know he would be so much happier if he was a little more beautiful on the outside. One thing I like about him is that he looks like a little ordinary bungalow. But he ISN'T. And I want to preserve that. But let's face it. He's going to need a paint job and some landscaping. Something like this:

This is a farmhouse with a cottage garden. It's not exactly a bungalow, but the colors are good and I like the cottage gardeny feel to the cottage garden. I think Wellington would like it.

We're thinking Wellington would like a picket fence. I haven't decided if it should be right along the edge of the sidewalk or up on top of the little bank. I also think to the left where the fig tree is (I didn't tell you he has a fig tree!) there should be an arbor made with the white pickets and it should have a vine growing up it. Something evergreen yet flowering.

Like this Lady Banks Rose (rosa banksiae). It's evergreen and practically thornless. I love these. They grow fast, but you can keep them pruned back. And they flower a lot. It has to be the banksiae because the normalis doesn't have fluffy flowers.
We will also need a new wooden bench for the front porch. And maybe a new mailbox.
But let's not get too ahead of ourselves. He's not even ours yet.
Oh, Wellington. Please be mine.


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