Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beautiful Evening Stroll

A lovely evening in Benicia.  Took a stroll down towards the water.  This promenade is along West I between West 4th and West 5th where the road ends.  There is a new home that backs to this walkway.  They have this view right out their back porch.  It's a little odd though, because if they're sitting on their back porch they are right there where people walk by.  But no automobile traffic, so that's nice.  And it's the first LEED Certified home in the county.  Or in Northern California.  Or something like that, I can't remember which and they don't have the sign up anymore.  But it looks nice.  You can read about it here.

When we got home, Hugo was waiting on the front porch.  She chose to stay out there because that's her favorite place to be.  Just look at her little smile.  She's saying, "Ahhh."


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