Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wellington's (Almost) Famous!

We had a bit of excitement here at Wellington today.  We were relaxing.  Minding our own business when suddenly there was a ding-dong at the door.  She wasn't really a ding-dong in the sense that she was a nut case.  But there she was, standing on the threshold with a flack jacket, camo pants, a nose ring and with a piece of paper in her hand.  She said she worked for an advertising company that was scouting locations for a photo shoot and asked if we'd be willing to have them shoot Wellington.  Outside for sure, but possibly inside.  She handed me the paper which outlined the details.  Specifically it would be an advertisement for a bank.  And they would pay us.
We decided no.  It was an honor just to be asked.  But Wellington is shy.
Here is a link to the photographer's site.  I know all of Wellington's fans will be interested in checking it out.


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