Saturday, March 2, 2013

Is It Spring Yet?

Wellington's favorite season is, of course, spring.  He knows it's not spring YET.  But every year at about this time, it starts to feel like spring and he always asks me, Is it spring yet?  It isn't, Wellington.  But you go ahead and sprout your sprouts, burst your blossoms and leaf your leaves.  I'll take pics.  
The viburnum surprises me every year with its fragrance.  "What smells good?" we ask ourselves.  It's the viburnum.  And it doesn't get near enough recognition for it.  Well I'm recognizing you, viburnum.  Thank you.
The lighting was just perfect.  I couldn't quite capture it in this pic, but I'm leaving it in anyway because it reminds me of what the lighting was like.  Perfect.
 The hardenbergia says, Don't forget about me!  I never do.
I can't wait for my Lady Banks roses to pop open.  I have four now.  Three yellows, one white.  I'll keep you posted.
Here is my favorite husband doing some pruning.  He's my only husband.  Luckily.


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