Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Beautiful Spring Day in Benicia

It was absolutely gorgeous today.  Sunny with a little breeze.  It's been so cold and rainy lately that when The Hub and I decided to take a walk, we thought we would have to bundle up.  It turned out to be perfect walking weather.  This is the City Hall.

Here is Wellington.  With the Forest Pansy Red Bud blooming.

We just put in a couple of little boxes with herbs.  We have savory in one box (basil and thyme) and sweet in another (stevia and lemon balm).  I tasted a bit of the stevia when we got it.  It was sweet as can be, but seemed to cause my throat to sort of swell up and get sore. Am I allergic?  I decided to do a little experiment.  Last time The Dot was home, I snipped off a piece and said, "Here, taste this." and popped it in her mouth.  She didn't have time to think.  Luckily.  Because she's generally fairly careful.  I told her what it was and a few minutes later when her throat seemed to constrict I said, "I know.  I thought so.  Mine did that too."

It's supposed to be a good substitute for sugar in recipes.  I think I'll pass.  But it's pretty.

The Arbor Walk.

This gorgeous tree is my persimmon!  It has grown so much since we put it in less than a year ago.  It's close to seven feet tall now!   Not sure if we're going to get persimmons this year.  But it's a beautiful tree.

This aloe is going to bloom!  I'll keep you posted.  That's the itchy cat right there.  She's old.
Here's one last shot of the lamb's ear in the Arbor Walk.  It is beautiful and fragrant.  The Hub and I love to spend time out there reading.  Life's good.


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