Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall is in the Air

We had a visitor from down under yesterday.  She's in America visiting her sister who is my mother in law.  So the two of them stopped in for a few hours.  We had crispy cod sandwiches with cole slaw then took a long walk to the water before coming back and eating a delicious cake, baked by The Dot.  It was very nice.  And slightly Fall-ish.  We stopped into my favorite Benicia store, Romancing the Home, and Aunt Olive bought a cute little bird bath dish for our garden.  Pics to follow.

The sweetest little boy was visiting from sleep-away school and he took this pic of my plants and watering can.  You can see some fall leaves lying there.  Sort of.  Just a teeny yellow one, but I'm counting it because I just about LOVE fall.  And that little boy who's back at school again.  I sent him off with a bag of clean laundry and a packet of home made cookies because he misses his Mama.  Not really, but I can dream.


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