Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas at Wellington 2012

This was our third Christmas at Wellington.  It was a bit quieter since The Dot has moved out.  The Little Boy was home from sleep-away school for a month, though.  And we had visitors for a few days right at Christmas, so it was a special year.  And The Dot did come home for quite a few days.  It was so nice having her sleeping in her bedroom where SHE BELONGS! 
Above is the glitter house for this year - the one on the right.  Below is a picture of me reclining in my library on my sofa in my tights with my medium-sized Christmas tree.  You can see a swatch of fabric I'm thinking of using to cover one of the pillows in this room.  I am still thinking about it.
 This is my littlest Christmas tree before it got its new ornament for the year.

This year I made Christmas cards.  They were a lot more work than I was counting on so I stopped after eight.  Ha!  This one shows a street scene with Wellington colored in.  That's the Fam.  On the left are the two turtles, Pica and Angrite, then The Little Boy, The Hub, Boo the guinea pig, The Dot, me and Hugo.  We had blue glitter all over the house for quite a while.  I think there is still some in the crevices of which Wellington has plenty.  The Hub sweeps the floors at least once a week.  I wouldn't want it to get boring for him.

Below are some pictures I took on a family Christmas walk around Benicia.

Someone was visiting relatives (or friends) on Anderson Way.  Don't feel sorry for this kitty.  She has the best view in Benicia.  At my back is the harbor.  Plus she looks pretty cozy.

A cute little bungalow, all decked out for Christmas. 

A typical Benicia street with some typical Benicians.

The harbor.

The Capitol.

St. Paul's.

Another Christmas house.  Or two.

Here is Wellington's Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

And here is the teeniest Christmas tree with its new ornament for 2012.  It's a quail!  (Pretend.)

The Christmas buns this year were edible!

Some of us were positively pooped.


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